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Inspections getting missed?

Imagine knowing that each location was visited. Tap a scanner to each tag to create a report. Missed location alerts are sent to the right people automatically.

"Overall, we at High Tech Fire & Safety think the Tap Report system is very robust and can be used for pretty much anything that requires a routine inspection."
happy tap report user      Steve Buck, Owner of High Tech Fire & Safety
Service Provider Case Study

Deficiencies getting forgotten?

Be notified of deficiencies immediately, daily or weekly. Forgotten deficiencies are escalated automatically.

"The automatic e-mails are a good gut check to ensure the first aid stations and daily patrols are being completed."
happy tap report user      Michael Goss, Oxford Properties
Commercial Property Management Case Study

Need packaged reports?

Print or save our ready made reports. Build custom reports for your specific needs.

"Condominium board members expect a review of their property and we believe that Tap Report not only allows us to review and document site conditions efficiently but it also allows us to prove to board members how and when that site inspection was performed."
happy tap report user      Dean McCabe, The Meritus Group
Residential Property Management Case Study

How It Works

Tap Report puts an end to missed inspections.

screenshot of tapping smart tag
Tap Smart tag with scanner

Ensure the right location was visited.

screenshot of reporting on scanner
Enter report details

Add a note and take a photo.

screenshot of end-of-day email
The right people get notified

Customized emails and user groups.

All the benefits you’d expect from a premium inspection app

Customizable to meet your needs.

Tap Smart Tag to Report

Know that each location was visited. Tap a scanner to each tag to create a report.

Preventive Maintenance

Record readings and graph trends in equipment health, inventory count, or condition ratings.

Guidance Available on the Spot

Create customized text to assist those completing the inspection in areas that require additional attention.

Work Flow

Deficiencies are automatically sent to the right people. User settings can be customized to ensure task routing is effective.

Work Offline

All reports and photos are uploaded to the system. As a result, no signal is needed during the entire inspection.

Inspections Analytics

Uncover meaningful patterns to quantify performance, forecast budgets and recommend improvements.

Automated Record Keeping

All inspection reports are stored for 7 years, making record retention seamless and easy to retrieve files when needed.

Turn Key Service

Our Customer Service team will set up everything, including on-site installation and training.

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